SHIR HA SHIRIM- Brody, Diwon & Dugans ($8)

The music mixes the emotive Moroccan singing of Benyamin Brody in a "call out" to the most high, through the writings and poetry of King Solomon, with Diwon’s and Dugans’ signature walls of sound that bring hip hop, rock, and mizrachi influences to this middle eastern meditative record.

DIWON – Sabra Sessions Vol. 1 ($6)

A high energy Israeli dance club hip hop influenced mix. Diwon, remixes, chops up, slows down, speeds up, and sampling all types of sounds to create a seamless mix of seemingly disjointed tracks that sound like Israel landed on top of Daft Punk & M.I.A.’s

DIWON -rarities & remixes ($8)

This record give the listener a taste of Diwon’s beats as well as his world famous remixes which bring hip hop and bmore rhythms to Yemenite & Sephardic sounds.

SMADAR – s/t ($15)

Smadar is NYC’s amazing arabic songstress. Smadar’s music is best described as rhythmic Mediterranean music peppered with a gypsy sound. She is a favorite of the SMF!

EPRHYME – Waywordwonderwill ($12)

A kaleidoscopic counter-cultural exchange program for mystics, punks & b-boys. Lyrically,
Eprhyme is a well versed tour guide who owes as much to Noam Chomsky and Robert Anton Wilson as he does to Nas and Aesop Rock.
(Check out Sephardic Favs like Shomer Salaam)

DESCRIBE/Y-LOVE – The Change Ep ($6)

The combination of Y-Love’s militant mysticism with the plaintive urgency of DeScribe’s singing creates infectious energy filled songs that listeners can’t get out of their heads. The release includes all 3 singles plus a bonus Remix of by Sephardic Fav DJ/Producers; Diwon & Electro Morocco.


The SMF mixtape is much like the festival. It gives the listener a great taste of all sorts of music, but with an emphasis on beats. All music mixed by the festivals founder and producer, dj handler.

DJ BALAGAN – Funny Accent ($8)

DJ Balagan mixes up the most diverse bag of music from any DJ we have ever come across. He is the ethnomusiclogist with a turntable.. This mix shows his talents on the decks, but perhaps more impressive, his amazing ear for the rare ethnic groove.

Queen’s Dominion ($15)

Basya Schechter of Pharaoh’s Daughter releases an instrumental record for Zorn’s tzadik full of middle eastern flavor. Santur and Oud bless this disc throughout.


The group distinguishes itself as the only all-female ensemble performing Mizrakhi-influenced music (Jewish music from the Middle East and North Africa) in the US, and has performed with some of the world’s most renowned master musicians, including Glen Velez and Anindo Chatterjee.
JUEZ – Shemspeed Alt Shule ($12)

Juez may be a klezmer band. They may be the best klezmer band ever, but they play two amazing Yemenite tunes that will throw you for a spin.

DIWON – Lassiez Joiur ($8)

Diwon (dj handler), the Capitan of the SMF, drops african and balkan music all over this amazing mix which will take you through the musical mind of one of the most diverse DJs in the new new york scene.
Hasidic New Wave and Yakar Rhythms ($15)

Hasidic New Wave paired up with Yakar Rhythms to mesh their Jewish soul to African rhythms of all sorts. The results will astound!

YURI LANE – Human Beabox ($15)

Yuri Lane doesn’t belong to the ashkenaz or sephard camps he belongs in every camp with a mic. Check out his Middle Eastern BeatBox.

RASHANIM – Shalosh ($15)

With its exciting blend of rock, jazz and jewish music, Rashanim has quickly become one of the most dynamic bands in the Jewish New Music scene. Tighter than ever, this Jewish power trio rips through an electrifying program of mystical jewish melodies and middle eastern grooves.

SARAH AROESTE – Puertas ($15)

Combining Sephardic folksongs from around the Mediterranean with contemporary influences such as rock, funk, and jazz, the Sarah Aroeste Band’s second album, "Puertas," presents an updated take on traditional Ladino songs.

Y-Love/YURI LANE – Count It ($12)

Simply the best Jewish Beat Box/Hip Hop album ever! "During a time when Orthodox Jews refrain from listening to live music – famous Orthodox rapper Y-Love and beatbox superstar Yuri Lane create all their music non-instrumentally. Check out Bar Yohai!!!!

Diwon presents Y-Love ($8)

The classic CD that introduced Y-Love to the world. The MC drop his lyrical skills over a genre smashing blended classic mixed by dj handler (Diwon).

Look out for @KhaledM & @Diwon on WNYC!

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