Y-LOVE | revolutionary jewish hip hop

When Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) released his first mixtape in 2005, the world took note of the first African-American Orthodox Jewish hip-hop artist. Now, with his hotly anticipated forthcoming record This is Unity, Y-Love is leading a new era of “global hip-hop” — where global social consciousness combines with pounding rhythms. The club-friendly tracks off the upcoming album, produced by Diwon, the world music mastermind behind Shemspeed Records, are influenced as much by rap vet Chuck D as by new artists like Major Lazer & Nicki Minaj. Y-Love explores a variety of new styles on the album, from dance to hip-hop to pop, channeling each one to express his underlying anti-prejudice message: “Unity builds the world, all divisions destroy the world.” Dubbed by URB Magazine as “the soundtrack to social consciousness,” Y-Love keeps his songs ready for the mainstream while still pushing positive and constructive energy in his signature multi-lingual style — “making hip-hop kosher,” as XXL said. With the release of This is Unity, Y-Love is bringing the revolution to a world often content with blind misdirection.

“MAKE IT” |“CHANGE” | “This is Unity” Live | BBC WORLD Feature



Khaled M | Muslim hip hop artist & activist

Khaled M is a Chicago-based Libyan-American hip hop artist who embodies “struggle” in his life story and his music. His father, a poet, escaped from a Libyan prison after five years of brutal torture, and eventually helped form the main opposition group to the Gaddafi regime. Khaled M spent the first few years of his life on the run, bouncing from country to country, and using fake names while Gaddafi’s hitmen were after his family. The reigning Chicago Music Awards “Lyricist of the Year” has been featured on the front page of CNN.com, ABC World News, Complex Mag, NPR, Yahoo! News, BBC, and countless other outlets. With a story that rivals most Hollywood scripts, and music that appeals to both hip hop purists and casual fans alike, its no wonder Khaled M was listed as one of CNN’s Most Interesting People.

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DIWON | sraeli / world / hip hop & more

Diwon is an Israeli musical mystic, multi-genre producer who travels the globe performing, producing and researching sounds. His styles range from Yemenite music blended with electro hip hop beats to cinematic psychadelia. Throughout Diwon’s albums, remixes, singles, and mixtapes, one can hear the influence of his family that migrated from Yemen to Ethiopia finally settling in Israel. URB MAGAZINE listed Diwon amongst their NEXT 1000, Forward listed him as one of the Top 50 “most influential Jews of 2007;” and The Village Voice stated that his work “as producer and DJ is among the most adventurous and banging on the new Jewish music scene.” CBS featured Diwon as part of their Faith, Music and Culture series and he has made appearances on NPR, PBS, and BBC World. Diwon is also the founder and director of The Sephardic Music Festival. His music, style, and presence get famous US clubs to resemble the craziest festivals abroad.

“Diwon is something else …in a profound kind of way. The New Yorker gets crafty when it comes to beats by extracting world music—mainly traditional Yemenite music– and fusing it with electro hip hop; creating a titillating sound that’s juicy and for the ears.” – URB Magazine.



SHI 360 | Israeli Hop Hop Artist

Jewish Israeli recording artist and producer, SHI 360 relentlessly continues to create timeless, genre- defining music shedding light on relevant social and political topics. Setting the stage early-on in North America before his return back to Israel, SHI 360 became one of Israel’s first Israeli emcee’s.

After overcoming four intense heart operations and struggling to make a life during his return to his homeland, SHI 360 went on to sell platinum records in his collaboration with rapper Subliminal and TACT, and his music has gone international- significantly influencing the modern Israeli hip hop scene.

SHI 360 hit singles include “Home” “Kabel,” “Break the Silence,” “United” and “Tribal Dance.” His collaboration with the TACT All-Stars album was a ground-breaking, commercial triumph that captivated Israel’s music world, selling gold in its first day of release something unheard of in Israel history. Hit singles featured on this album include “Peace in the Middle East” and “Rak Benadan.”

SHI 360’s passion for the Middle East and world Jewry is resolute in his lyrics that project his multi-lingual culture of English, French and Hebrew.

While the worldwide ignorance of ongoing conflicts in the Middle Eastern grows, SHI 360 confronts these topics and cultivates a positive message- drawing appeal and global respect from diverse hip hop fans. His message is one of “unity” and conscious global hip hop.

Along with his music, SHI 360 advocates giving back to the community and is a mentor for children who come from disadvantaged and broken homes. He also prides himself on his culinary skills, enjoys reading and playing street ball.


YURI LANE | Beat Boxer / Entertainer

Yuri Lane is a Beatbox actor with 2 smash hit solo beatbox plays, “From Tel Aviv to Ramallah”, and “Soundtrack City”. Mr Lane has been acting professionally for 20 years. He has appeared in numerous commercials, TV shows and film. Yuri is excited to release his full length beatbox album this summer, filled with his world famous beatbox/harmonica tracks. He continues to tour the Country bringing Beatbox theatre to the masses!

BeatBox Harmonica | Beatbox Harmonica to the People | Purim Beat Box Freestyle for Sefira


SAZl | Palestinian Hip Hop Artist

Sameh “SAZ” Zakout is a native of Ramle, a predominantly Palestinian Arab city within Israel, reputable for its excessive crime and poverty. Transcending the violence plaguing his people and his city, SAZ chose hip hop as a means to overcome his circumstance, stating, “If I didn’t have a music career, I’d probably be in the streets selling drugs and getting shot at.” A Muslim descendant of Palestinian Communists who were dispossessed from their village in 1948, SAZ was inspired to write hip hop rhymes by his third grade Arabic teacher. He began performing publicly at the age of 16 and has since become a staple of the Palestinian hip hop scene. SAZ rhymes in Arabic, Hebrew and English and is widely hailed for his beatbox technique. He has been featured in Rolling Stone and on CNN, and was the subject of a 1604 self-titled documentary which was broadcast in over five countries.

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SAGOL 59 | Israeli Hip Hop Artist

Since crashing into the Israeli hip-hop scene with his 1600 debut (Recorded between 1993-1999), Israeli Hip Hop pioneer Sagol 59 (born Khen Rotem) has built a formidable reputation as an honest, unflinching, clever, articulate and highly original MC. Boasting four albums to date, plenty of musical collaborations with diverse artists and many live shows in Israel and overseas, Sagol has anticipated Israel’s current rap boom and cemented his position as one of its most outspoken and talented leaders. Sagol has recorded the first-ever collaboration of Israeli and Arab MCs (“Summit Meeting” featuring Tamer Naffar and Shaanan Streett, released in 1601). He also hosts the monthly Corner Prophets/Old Jeruz Cipher hip hop events, taking place in Jerusalem and showcasing both established and up-and-coming artists. Within the last six years, Sagol has performed alongside many well known artists, both local and international (Matisyahu, Kenny Mohammed The Human Orchestra, Remedy, Killah Priest, Sole of Anticon, Spearhead’s Michael Franti, Y-Love, Skinnyman, Taskforce and many others).

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DJOOKROO | Israeli Hip Hop from L.A.

In between maintaining full time jobs, performances, and working on another album, dJOoKRoO has put together a new project: their first mixtape “Taim LaOzen” (Tasty to the ear). The mixtape consists of original songs and remixes that have been recorded over the years, combined with humorous skits in between songs to keep listeners entertained. The group aims to create a fun listening vibe for the listeners by remaking some of their favorite songs, along with classic songs by many different artists (such as Zohar Argov, 2pac, Dr Dre, Kanye West, and Sexta). The mixtape reflects on some of dJOoKRoO’s musical influences, and is spiced with special guest appearances.


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