Sneakas Tug of War with MC Serch
September 13, 2011 at 1:07 pm

A short while back Sneakas and some of the Tug of War team joined The Hip Hop Sulha at SOBs. Our next Sulha will feature Ragtop, Yuri Lane, Y-Love and Diwon and takes place in Boulder, Colorado. Look out for the next one which will hopefully feature the Tug of War team again. For now, ch-ch-ch-eck out Mazzi and Sneakas, first official video and single, featuring legendry rapper MC Serch (of 3rd Bass). !

* more info on the Sulha at http://hiphopsulha.com

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Look out for @KhaledM & @Diwon on WNYC!

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